It’s bstormy-535491_1280een raining like cats and dogs in the NY Metro area and I, along with my other arthritic friends, are cursing mother nature. It’s a well known joke among people with joint problems that we can predict the weather based on how our joints feel. Even the Arthritis Foundation has a link to an “Arthritis Index” developed by that can be “personalised” based on your zip code.

I took a poke around the internet and read that there is some science to explain this. A story from WebMD focused on how so many of us feel like weather forecasters. The culprits seem to be barometric (a.k.a. atmospheric) pressure changes as well as temperature (although it appears that barometric pressure is more likely to predict joint pain).

From what I understand, barometric pressure usually drops before a bad weather, according to the WebMD article. With less air pressure compressing your body from the outside, the tissues inside of your body have the chance to expand and potentially cause pain.

So if you needed to prove to people that you could be the next Al Roker or Sam Champion, there you go!

Now for a bit of humour on the topic, in an online chat with some friends that had been going on all day, I asked if they had any thoughts on the matter. The exchange was pretty comical:

Post from chat:

Me: “I’m going to write a blog post about this nonsense with mother nature. Care to share any quotes that you don’t mind me adding?”

Friend 1: “Other than she is a fickle %$*# and I am over her histrionics?”

Friend 2: “Oh gees. How about “singing in the rain”

Friend 1: “This is just craziness though! just when I was starting to enjoy the warmth and not have to deal with the pressures and pain, this nonsense…If I see anyone singing in the rain I am running them over”

Friend 2: “Blame it on the rain!”

Friend 1: No Milli Vanilli

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well it was funny to me, anyway.