img_20160925_095628I completed my first real 5K last Sunday. I say ‘real’ because it was a timed race! As I’ve written about in my blog, I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately and done some ‘practice’ race walks, so
IMG_20160726_012435_picmonkeyedI figured this would be a great way to cap it off.

First off: What an accomplishment! I finished in about 45 minutes, which means I basically walked 15 minute miles. That’s pretty darned fast, in my opinion. It was challenging and I came in dead last…but I swear there were some people who didn’t finish (not that many people passed me when I got to the two mile mark and I know there were people I passed…).


On Monday, I was hurting. In pain and stiff. Thought process: uh oh. Did I trigger a flare? I have to get ahead of this. I need to rest, take a good hot bath. Use Epsom salt etc.

and so I did just that.

On Tuesday, I could barely walk. I went to work but the pain and immobility were similar to the hip pain I had before my hip replacement. Thought process: OMG, I messed up my hip replacement! I called my orthopedic surgeon’s and rheumatologist’s offices. I was instructed to rest, ice, take an anti-inflammatory and call back if it doesn’t get better in a few days. Panic somewhat alleviated, I started all the above and did a little internet research (to see if I was panicking for nothing). In my search, I read about Iliopsoas BursitisFrom what I read, I felt a little comforted that I may not have messed up my implant.

NOTE: Please don’t run to the internet to self-diagnose. Always consult with your doctor!!! Also, I was unable to find a link that ended in .org, .gov or .edu. These are usually good sources for information. Read an article about how to evaluate good health information online here. … Full disclosure, I had a hand in writing it. 🙂

Wednesday: PHEW! Things are much better. I did the whole regimen: rest, ice, Aleve and I added my (blinged-out) cane.  I think I’m good. 🙂 img_20160928_211708

So, I will continue to walk. I have my Lupus Walk on October 15th (not a race). Here is the link to my personal fundraising page if you want to walk with me and Hospital For Special Surgery’s Rheumatology Division or donate.

My next 5K? Hmmm, maybe a Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving. Maybe. Gobble gobble.