Hi. Remember me? Yeah, I’ve been quiet. It’s generally been a “meh” kind of life lately. Why? Let’s see…

The holidays were challenging and it was around this time last year that I spoke of my life change. I suppose it’s been a long time since then, but I feel much has not been accomplished even though I know that not to be true.

My lupus is still under control (gasp!)

I am off most of my meds and remain flare-free (where’s that wood I can knock on?). This is really great news. I  don’t think as much about limiting my activities to avoid a flare because things have been going well. Heck, I am even saving money. I am paying off my infusion hospital bills, and there are no new ones to worry about. SHOCKING!

I haven’t even had a migraine in about 3 months.


I should be celebrating, but I’m just 

Fitness goals

I did my first 5Ks last year (walking, of course). That was exciting. I was able to get my times to less than 15 minute miles for at least two of those races. Check out my accomplishment wall! img_20170221_182936

I’d like to do more, but I’ve been feeling “meh” about searching for another 5K lately. I signed up for one taking place next month, but sadly I cannot go. I’ve lost my mojo and therefore…

There goes my momentum.

Wellness goals

Meditation was going really well last year, and then I missed a few days. Eventually it dropped off. I am back on a 30-day+ streak, but it’s been less of a priority and I seem less focused. Why? I’ll get to that…I think.


Searching for the Little Wolf Hunter 

I certainly let this blog and my whole “Little Wolf Hunter” social media stuff go kaput.

Inspiration: down. Creativity: poof (gone). Stamina: non-existent (believe it or not, it takes energy to do this).

Why? Like most things at the moment, I am just feeling “meh”.

So how do I get over “meh” self?

No idea. Hence “there are no answers today”. Obviously my mood is down. While I think the holidays may have been a trigger, I had/have all the “tools” to manage those stressors. And sure, I’ll tell myself (and tell anyone this):

  • nothing has to be perfect,
  • give yourself a break
  • just go out and do it…

But that never seems to be the answer or doesn’t seem to be possible when you are 

Funny enough, I was just on Twitter, participating in #SpoonieChat and there were topics about self-talk: namely, in what voice do we spoonies speak to ourselves (positive, negative or “meh”) and in what voice do we speak to others. I find it curious this came up when I had been working on this “meh” post for a few weeks and I generally reserve my positive talk for others.

My solution…in reality, I think I need to hit the ‘reset’ button and take a nice, long vacation. When you Google #vacationgoals, this is what happens:vacationgoals

That’s what I’m talking about.

Thanks to @BonnieBarnes48 for making me finally publish this post. 😀