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about this blog…

IMG_20151017_090500Hey there, people.

It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally decided to get back to this blog about lupus. Now, (again) this is a work in progress, so please bear with me. While I love to write, I don’t have the easiest time writing about yours truly. I don’t like talking about myself much, I’m usually the one asking a billion questions about others and sharing little about my own life.

So, this brings me to ‘why now’; ‘why bother (re-)start now’? The reasons are many, but if there is anything I find somewhat easy to talk about is my experience with lupus. It’s something I am not shy about in conversations, and I readily jump at any opportunity to educate people about it and support those I meet with the disease.

I’ve learned so much about lupus since my diagnosis in 1997, not just facts, but little personal things that are not always talked about online or in books. So I’d like to share what I know, what I do, what I love (or don’t love) about navigating the world with lupus.

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